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We offer exterior car detailing in Los Angeles, CA!

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Exterior Car Detailing

Here at Los Angeles Auto Detail, we know the struggles of wanting your car to look as good as it did when it left the lot. There’s nothing quite as good as that new car feeling, including the gleam of fresh paint and shine of a body unmarred by dirty air and busy streets. With our shared feelings in mind, we have worked hard to create an exterior vehicle cleaning service that will not disappoint. We want everyone to ask about your “new” car after we work with you. Some services we offer include exterior cleaning, headlight restoration, and paint correction for small nicks and marks. To achieve our outstanding service, we use high-quality cleaning materials and hard work to create an exterior that gleams. Because we know that every car is unique, we work with you to tailor an experience that works with both your cars and your own needs. We accomplish these goals while also working to be accessible and cost-efficient to the average Los Angelean. 

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Exterior Auto Detailing in Los Angeles, CA

We offer much more than just car washing services. Our exterior detailing solutions provide you vehicle with a hands-on, high quality cleaning experience from bottom to top. Each of our staff members have extensive training and hands-on experience on how to safely remove any dirt and residue resulting from bugs, oxidation, road debris, tree sap, or other elements. The ultimate goal is to restore the luster of your vehicle while maintaining the appearance for many years. If you have limited time to care for your car on your own, but still want to make sure it is properly cared for and maintained, then our mobile car detailing services are designed for you. We provide top tier results faster than other options, which means you can see years taken off the appearance of your vehicle in just a fraction of the time that other detailing services and efforts may take.

There’s no question that it feels amazing to get behind the wheel of a brand-new vehicle. However, every turn you make and road you travel down poses a serious threat to the exterior of your vehicle. Loose gravel, debris, and road salt all represent potential hazards. This is where our mobile car detailing service comes in. Our team takes pride in the services we offer. We start the exterior detailing process by washing your vehicle by hand using a microfiber mitt. We will then perform light or moderate tar, sap, and bug removal and focus on cleaning the tires, rims, and wheel wells of all brake dust and dirt. Restoring the brilliant shine of the tires is done next and your vehicle will be fully dried using a synthetic chamois to help reduce the potential of water spots or streaks.

The windows and exterior mirrors are cleaned, ensuring no streaks remain, and we will even clean the trunk and door jambs from any grime or dirt. All rubber seals and components will be cleaned and fully protected, and a clay bar is often used to help eliminate any surface contaminants. If necessary, we can polish the paint on your vehicle to help remove any oxidation and scratches and to restore the once brilliant shine. As you can see, when you choose us for mobile car detailing our team will go beyond what is standard to ensure the exterior of your vehicle looks new once again. All this is provided at competitive prices to ensure you can get the clean, great looking vehicle you want and deserve. With the exterior of your vehicle shiny and new, now is the time to shift your focus to the interior. We offer interior detailing too! We think you’ll love all of our services!