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We offer paint correction in Los Angeles, CA!

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Paint Correction in Los Angeles, CA 

Los Angeles Car Detail specializes in helping our customers with many aesthetic automotive problems to create a vehicle that is just as beautiful as when it left the lot. One such exterior detailing service we’ve worked hard to perfect is our paint correction. This process, while tedious, can create a look that transforms the appearance of your vehicle. Our mobile paint corrections services are a multi-step process that can work out small nicks and scratches. Before we begin, we will decide on a location for our services and go over the details of your car paint correction. Our general procedure begins with a thorough exterior cleaning to remove dirt and grime and reveal car imperfections. A clay bar will then be used to remove any other unseen contaminants. After, we will use a professional grade polish that can buff out the paint and create a smooth, flawless finish. Call today for more information on our mobile detailing services and products!

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